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Everything you wanted to know about Musicality!

12 chapters | 22 pages | 6 free video resources 

How to find the beat? How to stay on time? How to identify phrases? How to connect your patterns to the music? Accenting the music for leaders & followers. Practice song suggestions and more…

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Brian, finally getting time to explore WCS Online. So much more than just patterns. What a value. Thanks for the hard work.

David Anderson

I wanted to thank you for always providing such speedy and excellent customer service for your site, its very rare. You have a customer who GREATLY appreciates it. I’m enjoying your site LOTS to learn and motivate me, thanks for all you’re doing for the WCS community!

Roger Presswood

This is probably the most succinct and visually cleanest tutorial I’ve watched on WCS. This definitely earned my subscription. Superb work!

Myles Martinez

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