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Social Dance Online (Our Story)

My name is Brian B.  I’ve been a professional dancer for over 20 years. We have a studio in my hometown of Louisville Kentucky. Much of those 20 years I’ve traveled the world (20+ countries) teaching people to dance. In years past I just to sell DVD’s  Carrying them was a pain! So I decided to giveaway the remainder of my Instructionals DVD’s. That’s how our famous, “Move of the Week” videos were born! It’s crazy to think but we now teach over 30,000 people online every single year. Our team has created well over 600 instructional videos.  If you’re looking to expand your social dancing with online learning… you’re come to the right place! If you can, shoot me an email and say hi. We read every single one 🙂

Why do people love us?

I wanted to say thank you.  I’ve learned more from your online lessons & videos I purchased last year compared to all the group classes and private lessons I have taken.  I am so happy I subscribed to the yearly membership.  The value is tremendous.  I have been struggling to improve my skills and found your videos have helped me advance my dancing ability.  I look forward to continuing my dance journey!  

Laura LaFemina


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