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5 Part WCS Intensive video recorded live:

  • Rhythm & Timing
  • Movement & Connection
  • Spins & Turns
  • Styling & Footwork
  • Musicality & Magic

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BONUS – 5 Part WCS Intensive Video Series

A 5 part live video shot at one of our “one day to better WCS” workshops.
Available only to yearly members of our site.

1. Rhythm & Timing
Learn to hear music better, stay on time & improve your rhythm.

2. Movement & Connection
Learn to smooth out your movement, and improve your connection.

3. Spins & Turns
Never fall out of a turn again. We give you all the best tips to improve your spins.

4. Styling & Footwork
Add some style to your dancing. Learn to move your body and to create cool footwork.

5. Musicality & Magic
Master musicality to really make your dancing come alive to the music.

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“Brian, just getting to thoroughly explore the site. So much more than just patterns. What a value. Thanks for the hard work.”


Ali Bryan, Yearly Member

“We joined the full membership. Of all our instructors we learn the most from your website.”

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