Ultimate Guide to Country Two Step

Country two step is the quintessential country dance. On this page we share the best resources to help you master country two step as a social dance. From lead and follow to spins and turns, from patterns to techniques, we’ve got you covered.

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The Ultimate Guide to Country Two Step

2-Step Basic Patterns

We often want to skip to the cool stuff when we’re trying to learn. The basics really provide the foundation for looking good on the floor. So make sure you have these covered.

Mastering your turns for two step

Anchor steps are on of the easiest ways to add some styling no matter what level you are at. I especially like our video 5 ways to style your anchor step. Make sure you watch it!

Learning (and remembering) more advanced patterns

We hear often that people have trouble learning more advanced moves or they can learn moves but quickly forget them! Here are some resources to help!


Want a step by step guide to mastering your two step?

Want us to walk you through looking better step by step?

We’ve created an amazing course just for you!

  • The Ultimate Guide to two step

Inside you’ll find:

  • 18 videos lessons
  • PDF downloads to help you remember
  • BONUS — 1 hour live video from one of our  workshops!

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