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The Ultimate Guide Leaders Styling

A step by step process to looking better on the dance floor!

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What is the ‘Ultimate Guide to Leaders Styling’?


A Step by Step, 18- Video Series

Literally everything you need to know about leaders styling as it relates to your west coast swing!


A method for looking great at every level

No matter what your level this course has something for you. Footwork, Body Isolations, Arms, variations on basic patterns and a whole lot more are covered in the course.


Learn to look like a pro dancer

We’ve broken down the techniques of pro dancers into short easy to follow videos.


Step by Step course with….

18 videos lessons, 6 special styling patterns, 3 PDF downloads and a BONUS — 1 hour live video from one of our styling & footwork workshops!


This is a proven plan to help you quickly improve your styling for west coast swing. More importantly it will make all of your dancing better!

What’s Inside ‘The Ultimate Guide to Leaders Styling?

16 easy to follow videos-

4 bonus PDF’s

4 bonus styling patterns

6 ways to style every basic 

BONUS: one hour live class video

Look better on the dance floor

  • Learn to be smooth and funky with your footwork
  • Learn how to use your shoulders and hips to look like a pro
  • 6 ways to style every basic pattern
  • Prevent the common mistakes that make your dancing look bland
  • The #1 trend in WCS styling today!
  • Learn ‘when’ you should add your styling to fit the music
  • 3 BONUS PDF downloads (Arm Styling, Styling Checklist & Pro Styling)

Add to Cart – Just $69

Why do people love this course?

Brian, I just bought the styling course for my boyfriend and he loved it. Of all the instructors we’ve seen we like you and Megan the most. Keep up the great videos!

Carrie Bryant, wcs dancer

What is this Ultimate Guide?

I’ve been teaching spins since 1999. In my 36,000 hours on the dance floor I’ve learned a thing or two.

I wanted to create a living breathing resource to help YOU improve, without taking all of the time that I had to in learning for myself.

This course not only has everything you need…. and its designed to not be boring!

The videos are short and easy to follow along with. You are going to get RESULTS fast.

We also included cheat sheets that you can keep with your for quick reference. These are like the notes that I used to take while I was learning. We did the work for you.

Is there a guarantee?

Yep…. all or our courses come with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Look we are really trying to bring value to the WCS community. If for some reason you feel the course does not suite you…. no worries. Just shoot us an email and we will be happy to refund your money.

Why $69?

We really wanted to create the ULTIMATE GUIDE!

  • The course has 14 videos.
  • 4 PDF cheat sheets
  • 1 hour live class video.

Its literally everything you need for improving your spins.

The regular price is $149, but we really wanted to make it affordable.

That’s less than the price of a private lesson!

How long till I get access?


Your login info will be sent to the email address you provide.

All of your course info will be available in the ‘Video Catalog’ under ‘My Library’ 

PS the courses are downloadable too.

How long will I have access?


The course will always be available in your library

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Got another questions we haven’t covered?

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