Beginner Country 2-Step

Are you a beginner 2-step dancer? If so this is the place for you. We’ve compiled a bunch of our best resources for beginner country dancers. They will help you get comfortable with your dancing quickly and frustration free. Enjoy!

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Beginner Country 2-Step

The first question you might ask is?  What is country two step or why should I learn 2-Step? Two step is the most popular country dance so if you like country music (or even if you don’t) It’s something that you will love. Since you’ve landed on this page I think you’re pretty convinced so let us get to some helpful resources!

Need to master the basic patterns?

First you need to master the basics of two step. Below you’ll find some helpful articles and videos that others have found useful.

Can’t remember your patterns?

One of the biggest complaints we get is “how to remember patterns.” We’ve created a great resource to help you out!

Master your Spins for Country Two Step

Popular Articles & Videos for Beginners

Sometimes as a beginner we get frustrated. You are not alone. In these helpful resources we try to tackle some of the common frustrations of new dancers.

What are the top 4 frustrations for beginners?

While this video is about west coast swing… There are some helpful takeaways inside!

Social Dance Tips

In the end we want to learn so we can dance with others. Each dance community or location has it’s own etiquette & culture. This article will help you navigate as a beginner!

What dance shoes should you wear?

What clothes should you wear?

Want to become an intermediate dancer FAST?

Would you like us to guide you step by step?

We have created an amazing course to do just that!

  • The Complete Beginners Guide Country Two Step

This is what you’ll learn:

  • We will teach you the basics (duh)
  • The the 15 easy patterns you must know  next.
  • You will learn lead & follow
  • You will improve your footwork
  • You’ll improve your spins & turns
  • We talk about etiquette, songs to practice to and more…
  • Everything you need to become an intermediate dancer!


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